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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Launch your app to App Store of Apple iPhone

Steps to Upload App to App Store of Apple

1) Register at
2) Goto iOS Dev Center.
3) Click on Certificates , Identifiers and Profiles.
4) Create Developer and Distribution Certificates.
5) Create App ID for your App.
6) Register your device used for development in this site.
7) Create provisioning profile for Development and Distribution which can be used to test the app in your device before uploading to App Store.
8) After proper testing of your app we can now upload to App Store.
9) Login to
10) Click on "Add New App".
11) Fill in all the details and upload all the icons and screen shots.
12) Once the status is  Waiting For Upload.
13) Download the Application Loader from
14) Upload the distribution version of the ipa using this app.

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