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Monday, January 6, 2014

Add Second Network on an Interface using Sonical Wall Firewall TZ 215

Second IP Address in Sonicwall

1) Goto Network-ARP.

2) Add Static ARP Entry for the new network.

e.g. We want to add network to LAN on X6.

a) Click 'Add' in Static ARP Entries.

b) Enter as IP Address and select interface as X6.

c) Enter MAC Address of X6 interface, click 'OK'

3) Now goto Network -> Routing

a) Click Add

b) Select 'Any' in source.

c) Select 'New Address Object' in 'Destination'.

d) Enter 'Network 2' as name.

e) Select 'LAN' in 'Zone'.

f) Select 'Network' in 'Type'.

g) Enter '' in 'Network'.

h) Enter '' in 'Netmask'.

i) Click 'OK'

j) Select 'Any' in Service

k) Select '' in gateway.

l) Select 'X6' in Interface

m) Enter '1' in metric.

n) Click 'OK'.