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Friday, June 10, 2016

How to add Splash Screen in Website

You can put your splashscreen in a div on top of your website at the first visit and when the user click on it (or on the "Enter" link), fade it with:
 <div id="splashscreen">
    <h2>Welcome !</h2>
    Take a look at our new products, blablabla
    <img src="" />

    <a href="#" class="enter_link">Enter on the website</a>
And with just 3 lines of jQuery:
 $('.enter_link').click(function() { 
The splashscreen div need to take the whole space available and have a background to hide the actual content. JSFiddle example:

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Port Forwarding in Amazon EC2

1) Log in to the EC2 Management Console

2) Go to EC2 Dashboard

3) In Network and Security --> Select Security Groups.

4) In Security Groups Right Click the Security Group used by your instance.

5) Click on Edit Inbound Rules

6) Click on Add Rule

7) Enter the TCP Port number and Select anywhere as source.

8) Click on Save.

You are done.