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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Login failed for user IIS APPPOOL\DefaultAppPool

1) Go to IIS -> Application Pools ->
2) find your application pool used in application -> click it and then click 'Advance Settings' in Actions panel.
3) Find 'Identity' property and change it to localsystem.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Installing your App on your iPhone or iPad using .ipa files.

Here are the steps to installing your App on your iPhone or iPad using .ipa files.
  1. We will send you one or two files. One will be a .ipa file and the other will be a .mobileprovision file.  Save them in a convenient location
  2. Open iTunes.  Then drag the downloaded .mobileprovision (if provided) & the .ipa files and drop it into iTunes Library.

    ipa 04
  3. In iTunes select your iPhone (or iPad) under devices.
  4. Go to the Apps tab and make sure the checkbox for the new App is checked.  If not, check it yourself.

    ipa 02
  5. Press Sync.  After it is synced, you should be able to unplug you iPhone and play with the App.